Bahamas – The road to Paradise Island


Bahamas, the road to Paradise Island

Of the 700 islands that make up this country, some are distinguished by beautiful landscapes and beaches, which are a true corner of paradise for tourists who love the sun and water. Among the most beautiful islands in the Bahamas are Inagua islands, famous for their large population of flamingos, the impressive caves and ideal areas for diving, and Blue Lagoon, famous for its sea lions and dolphins. If you want to try for the first time this water sport, then you should know that here you will be assisted by the best instructors in the Bahamas. Do not miss the Lucayan National Park, known for its numerous caves, but especially for Gold Rock Beach, considered one of the most spectacular beaches in the Bahamas. Also if you love diving and want to explore the underwater world of these beautiful islands, Abacos is the ideal option. If you go to the southern port of Marshal, the National Park in Pelican Reef is a place that will leave you breathless. It is the home to under water sports, an ideal place for snorkeling and diving.

Nassau is the capital of Bahamas and also the commercial center. The city covers 70 percent of the population of the islands. Lynden Pindling International Airport, is the main airport in the Bahamas,  located about 16 miles from Nassau, and hosts daily flights to major cities in the United States, Canada, Britain and the Caribbean.

The islands of this archipelago are long and flat and rounded coral and small hills. The highest peak is Mount Alvernia on Cat Island, having 63 meters high.

Swimming with dolphins, dreamy ocean cruises, breakfasts on the island paradise, parks, zoos, concerts and especially sinking with the sharks, everything sounds great, only if you have you a big budget to spend>J

In Green Turtle reef there is a town in…


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