Alhambra, the symbol of Moorish Spain

Alhambra, the symbol of Moorish Spain

Alhambra Palace in Granada is the most beautiful and famous medieval castle in Europe and one of the most important monuments of Islamic architecture. ‘’Alhambra’’ comes from Al Hamra (in Arabic, meaning “red” or ‘’the red castle’’) being a Moorish palace.

Granada region’s main tourist attraction, Alhambra, is a palace with famous gardens built in the XIV century, and consists of a series of small buildings with impressive courtyards surrounded by high walls. Inside can be seen: the Archaeological Museum, Imperial harem, Justice Tower, Hagia Eirene Church, Holy Mantles flag (which contains the remains of the Prophet Muhammad), pavilions and gardens, stables and the treasury.

Of the 3,116 inscriptions deciphered, often you will see the phrase “There is not another winner but Allah”….more on:


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