A beautiful day in Analya,Turkey


Alanya is a very popular resort in southern Turkey, situated at a distance of 130 km east of Antalya. The resort is a very interesting tourist destination for thousands of tourists from around the world in search of civility, culture and landscapes that impress with their wonderful charm.

Alanya offers guests the opportunity to spend some great days on the beaches of the resort, while admiring the Taurus Mountains, at the foot of which is the Weeping Cave, called Damlatas, because in a certain area there are stalactites that “cry” permanent. It is known that the cave has healing powers for asthma and other respiratory diseases. It seems that dates back over 20,000 years.

Alanya Citadel, built on a small peninsula, is surrounded by walls with a length of 6.5 km and 140 towers. At its highest, the citadel of Alanya has an altitude of 250 m above sea level. Here is where Cleopatra spent several years, and at the entrance is Cleopatra’s prison, where she held his admirers for three days and three nights without food and water, after which she subjected them to a test: throwing some pebbles in the sea. The attempt seems very simple, but unfortunately few were passing, because in the aria were currents.

Another attraction is the Cape Anamur, the southernmost point of Asia Minor. Anamur is known for the bananas and peanuts produced here. Anemurium ancient ruins are located 6 km from Anamur. Nowadays you can visit partially intact walls, mosaics, a small theater and a large auditorium. Besides Roman baths and aqueducts, there is an acropolis with a castle.

Kizil Kule or Red Tower is located south of the Old City Alanya. The tower is built of red brick, has an octagonal structure and a height of 46 m, was built in 1225 by Sultan Alaadin Kezkubat, to oversee the docks and harbor. The Red Tower has five levels, the first being used for exhibitions.

The trip in Antalya can be so wonderful, you can go to the bazaar, which is full of souvenirs, clothes, jewelry and all sorts of their specific products, and then you can walk in the old town, with narrow winding streets with mosques, lemons and bananas. You can shop nn Ataturk Avenue, a main thoroughfare surrounded …http://tripelonia.com/headline/a-beautiful-day-in-analya-turkey/139


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