Funchal – The Little Lisbon


Funchal is the capital of Madeira Island, which belongs to Portugal, an oasis of light that covers a wide amphitheatre of mountains and hills, with a bright bay, where the boats gently  are swaying, under the gentle warmth of the sun.

Funchal was named after the wild fennel ‘’funcho”, (a highly aromatic and flavorful herb with culinary and medicinal uses), that the inhabitants have found it here. Today Funchal is called the ‘’little Lisbon” because of its elegant architecture, lively cafés and chic shops but also because of the bohemian and frenetic air that surrounds Funchal by its beauty and its unique charm.

The streets are perfumed by the lush vegetation which exudes a discreet fresh smell with a slightly floral-mint flavour, therefore the Tourist City, as it is called this aria, the extension of the old city, where are the most of the hotels, is a truly delight, to walk through this little greenly paradise.

Praca do Municipio is the main square, where you will see the City Hall – Camara Municipal, a grandiose mansion and also Museu de Arte Sacra – Sacred Arts Museum, where is  the famous processional cross, donated by King Manuel I, to the Funchal cathedral. During the walk you will see Igreja de Colegio, a seventeenth-century church built by the Jesuits and the impressive Se Cathedral of Funchal, which was the first Portuguese cathedral built overseas.

The main street of Funchal is Avenida Arriaga, where you will find the park Jardim de Santa CatarinaPalacio do Governo Regional and a monument dedicated to Sao Lourenco, a fortress still used by the army. On the opposite side of this, is the Adegas Sao Francisco winery, which it was originally a Franciscan monastery and now hosts the biggest wines companies of Madeira, offering a tour of the winery, extremely fascinating and a delicious wine tasting.

In this area is Photografia Museu Vicentes, situated on the place of the oldest photographic studio of Portugal, founded in 1850 by Vicente Gomes da Silva, exposing old photography equipment, photos with landscapes, people and festivals of Madeira.

Vila Velha represents the old part of the city and is…



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