Abu Dhabi – Modernism & Opulence

abudhaby moschee

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is a gorgeous city, located on the shore of the Persian Gulf. Abu Dhabi is an important cultural and artistic centre, rich in oil, with wide boulevards filled with palms, green parks and sparkling skyscrapers, narrow sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters.


The attractions in Abu Dhabi are based on the principle of quality and quantity, being a city that offers many opportunities for recreation, shopping and cultural activities.


One of the most remarkable building is the Emirates Palace, made of pink coral natural stone, located right on the shore road, dominated the western end of the pleasant seafront, called The Corniche, one of the best arias for walking. The palace was completed in 2005 and offers luxurious accommodation conditions for the famous personalities. The outside of palace is grandiose with many domes and inside is full of gold and Swarovski crystals.


Maqtaa Fort and Palace, is a 200 year old fort with an observation tower on a small island nearby and another opposite the bridge.


One of the most beautiful islands, noticeable from any point on the seafront, is Lulu Island, distinguished by high reddish sand dunes, groves of palms and giant billboards with the faces of the deceased sheikhs. Another island known as an oasis of tranquillity is the Saadiyat Island – the Island of Happiness – where outdoor dining lovers spend their time. Gardens Al Markaziyah are among the most popular and beautiful green spaces which are open nonstop, always full of tourists and locals.


You may also like the largest indoor theme park in the world: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, which looks like a huge Ferrari logo, housing 22 attractions, shops and restaurants. Here you will see Formula Rossa – the fastest roller coaster in the world that reaches a speed of 240 km / h, Ferrari gallery – with interactive projections to admire all Ferrari models from 1947 to present, Speed ​​of Magic – a fabulous 4 D experience in jungle green, ice caves and volcanoes.


The Museum of Traditional Occupations is a restored village, which shows the daily life in Abu Dhabi, before the discovery of oil. Here is the Bedouin camp, the souq (an open-air marketplace), the barasti home (a house made completely of palm trees), and the most visited place is a museum, arranged in a fort, exhibiting traditional costumes, jewellery and many other interesting objects.


Visit the Sheikh Zeyed Mosque, a massive piece of architecture, being the sixth largest mosque in the world, is easily accessible from the centre of Abu Dhabi, through regular bus services. Note that on Fridays is closed to the visitors, considering it is a praying day for Muslims.


For shopping lovers, Marina Mall offers a …http://tripelonia.com/headline/abu-dhabi-modernism-opulence/121



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