The Atlantic Road in Norway


Among the most beautiful places in the world is the Atlantic Road, part of the Norwegian national road Rv 64, a unique tourist attraction. The road is 8.3 km and consists of 8 bridges built from one island to another. Locals and tourists frequently use the road to fish directly from the bridges. The stunning view and the road architecture make this scenery to be among the most famous in the world.

Atlanterhavsveien is a spectacular route on the continent, reaching Averøy in a fantastic journey over the bridges, seeming to be blending with the ocean, being the second most visited tourist destination in Norway.

On a stretch of 8274 meters from Kårvåg (approx. 30 km southwest of Kristiansund) to the Vevang (47 km north of Molde), the road trip seems unreal, because the way it forwards right on the ocean, like jumping from one island to another, giving you the impression of walking on water, blending with the ocean.

The road was started in 1983 and opened in 1989 and during 10 years you could go on only if you paid a road tax. Since 1999, the charge was removed and now anyone can go on the road without charge. In 2005 the road was named the “Norwegian Construction of the Century”.

Besides the excitement offered by the Atlantic Road, you can visit in the same area – the Kvernes Stave Church, one of the latest wooden churches in Norway, southern mountain cave Bremsnes Bremsneshatten – by far the longest cave in Norway, the fjords Kvernesfjord and Freifjord or Kvernes Museum, where tourists come to take pictures and visit the 11 ancient houses that keeps intact the exhibitions from various periods of history.


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