Holi – The Festival of Colors in India



Holi Festival is held every year in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka but also in other countries with a significant Hindu Diaspora. This year takes place on March 27. Holi, also known as the feast of colors, celebrates the end of winter and early spring, the triumph of good over evil, being one of the coolest festivals in the world.

Every year, millions of Hindus across India, but also in the world, enjoy the end of winter and gather to dress in colors. Tradition says that on this day, the power of good overcomes the evil and burned it, literally. Also on this day of celebration, millions of Hindus around the world gather to throw colored powder at each other, transforming everything into an oasis of color.

Holi has a strong mythological substrate; one of them says that the feast has emerged as an ode to the divine love that Radha, the symbol of beauty and intelligence, had for Krishna, one of the most important representations of divinity in Hinduism. Krishna would complain to his mother about the difference between his darkest skin and the white skin of Radha, so his mother to please him, colored his face in the most colorful shades, removing any reason for annoyance.

The tradition also says that the fires lighted up, reinforce the collective memory of the fire from which Prahlada escaped miraculously, after Holika, a female demon, caught him and with him in her arms threw into in a funeral pyre.  Holika died burned, while Prahlada was protected by the fire of his devotion for Vishnu, the God of the Hindu Trinity, who watched over his faithful man.

All Indians across the country, dressed in colorful clothes, celebrates with great joy this holiday that brings spring into their souls and lives, dancing, singing, painting their faces, throwing with powder or colored water, on friends, family and strangers too. This is Holi, the festival of colors!http://tripelonia.com/headline/holi-the-festival-of-colors-in-india/120






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