Earth’s Mysterious Places


Willing to travel and discover new places, interesting things and fascinating people, we are in a continuous searching about what we like, we delight and what awakens interest in our mind. Things we misunderstood make us to reach a high level of interest, trying to find answers to logical questions. Thus, we are trapped in a world that often gives us halved information, leaving us to give them our own interpretation. In the following lines we will discover some mysteries of the world, still unclear and outstanding.



The White Desert – Sahara



Farafra oasis is one of the smallest and the most isolate settlements in Egypt where there is a geological wonder of the world, called White Sahara Desert, visited annually by millions of tourists. Today, Sahara el Beyda, as the locals call it, is a place where tourism is still a main activity, but runs only under the supervision of the guides and the persons authorized to accompany groups of tourists.



Millions of years ago, when the Sahara was covered completely by the water, numerous deposits of chalk were deposited on the ocean floor forming huge limestone lumps. With the receding water, wind shaped the chalk and gives it the impressive look of huge white mushrooms.


Years of irresponsible peregrination of tourists and members of various religious, who were keeping festivals in the geological wonders aria, have led to the deterioration of the area, especially the ‘’mushrooms limestone’’, therefore authorities made great efforts for the White Desert, to be included on the list of protected areas.



Mount Roraima – between Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela



Mount Roraima is located right on the border between Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. It is particularly because of its shape and mysterious clouds that always covers his top shelf, which is considered one of the oldest geological formations on earth, dating about two billion years. It is considered that the plateau was formed by erosion, but the fact that some species of plants and animals can only be found here remains a completely mystery. Many of the species found on Roraima are unique, from rare plants, amazing waterfalls fed by torrents from sky and the prehistoric smallest frog ever met. Most of those who visit Venezuela don’t misses this miracle, although the way up here could be exhausted and quite difficult, there is also the possibility of reaching the mountain with a helicopter or airplane, only if the weather is good.



Easter Island – situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean



Easter Island is one of the most isolated places on the planet, and the name comes from the fact that it was discovered on Easter Sunday by the explorer Jacob Roggeveen. The main attraction of the island is the huge statues, representing men and women carved in volcanic rocks and spread on the entire island. These well-known statues are still a mystery to scientists. Nobody explains how and by whom they could be built, being more than 800 statues of over 16 feet tall, made a few hundred years ago. One theory is that civilization has consumed all the resources of the island, so they migrated or were exterminated.



Pre-Hispanic city of Teotihuacan – near Mexico City


City of Teotihuacan pyramids declined 1,400 years ago and…


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