A little trip to Amsterdam

min_amsterdam_buildings_194955Amsterdam is the official capital of the Netherlands and has an impressive architecture, lovely canals spread on town, shops that can please any lover of shopping, lots of sights and especially the people, who are friendly and welcoming.

The metropolis is served by Schiphol International Airport, the fourth largest airport in Europe.

To visit as many places as possible and to have some gratuities, is necessary to buy the Amsterdam card, which includes free public transport, during the card validity period (tram, bus or metro GVB), a pocket guide where are specified all the attractions that are included in the card, 50% discount on parking, free boat ride on the canals and a few discounts at museums.

Amsterdam Card for 24 hours – 40 EUR

Amsterdam Card for 48 hours – 50 EUR

Amsterdam Card for 72 hours – 60 EUR

  • The city offers a plenty of attractions for tourists. Amsterdam is one of Europe’s tourist cities full of sights. Some of these are:
  • Van Gogh Museum – you will learn more about the painter’s life and of course you will see some of his works.
    Anne Frank House – a museum extremely emotionally – buy the book in English ‘’Diary of Anne Frank’’.
    Red Light District – where are girls from different parts of the world exposed on windows.
  • Nemo Museum – it is an interactive museum of “science and technology” which is an ideal place to experience the laws of physics in a very pleasant way.
  • Rijksmuseum – the National Museum of Art where you can see the works of Rembrandt and many Dutch painters.
  • Factory Diamonds – Amsterdam has been one of the most important centers of diamond grinding in Europe.
  • Hollandsche Manege – is the oldest riding school in the Netherlands and one of the oldest in Europe.
  • Vondelpark – is the largest park in Amsterdam and best known in Netherlands.
  • IJ Brewery – can be visited with a guide, free of charge, every Friday and Saturday. You can see the entire production process of beer.
  • The bridge of 15 bridges in Amsterdam – is the place where you can see 15 bridges over canals.
  • Magere Bridge or Skinny Bridge – is probably the most famous bridge in…http://tripelonia.com/headline/a-little-trip-to-amsterdam/116

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