Geneva – Friendly but expensive


Geneva is a beautiful place, in Switzerland, friendly but expensive. In 2009 was named the third best city in terms of quality of life after Vienna and Zurich, but also ranked among the most expensive cities in 4th place in the world after Moscow, Tokyo and Osaka.

Over half the residents of Geneva have two passports, most French and Swiss citizenship and according to the financial centers index, Geneva is in 9th place among the most important financial centers. In Geneva there is the famous International Motor Show, which is among the biggest in the world, the major manufacturers presenting here their latest models.

One of the major landmarks of the famous Geneva is Jet d’Eau, which is a huge fountain on Lake Geneva, consisting of a single jet of water gushing at a speed of 200 km / h. Initially, in 1886, was just a valve for water supply facilities. The current fountain was built 5 years later, and in 1930 it was illuminated at night. Now reach up to 140 meters.

Lake Geneva is the largest freshwater lake in the Alps and in Western Europe. It is fed by many hundreds of streams and rivers, while only one, Ron River exits. There are many interesting items related to this lake. It is estimated that if the river would be drained, it would take almost 17 years before they would refill the Ron River and if you would stretch a rope across the widest portion, the middle rope would get 6 inches under water due to the curvature of the earth.

Geneva is considered the capital of peace, because here many international organizations have their headquarters for peace and charity. Palace of Nations is the headquarters of the European branch of the United Nations.

Switzerland is famous for Swiss watches, many manufacturers based in Geneva. One of them is Petek Philippe, founded in 1851 by two manufacturers of watches, the Polish and Frenchman Antoni Petek and Adrien Philippe. Queen Victoria, 6 years later, bought a Patek Philippe watch and in 1868 it was produced the first wristwatch in the world. You can find out the history of the company, visiting Patek Philippe Museum.

Once in Geneva, you can see the longest wooden bench in the world, 120 m, you can admire the city from the lake, opting for a leisure cruise, the Baroque district – Carouge, with a structure somewhat Italian and with an artistic atmosphere or you can enjoy a view over the city, visiting St. Peter, whose 157 steps lead to the northern tip of the tower, where the whole city sees amazingly.

Geneva, the smallest canton of the country, is in the southeastern top of Switzerland, a small promontory surrounded by French territory, practically from all sides. The city is separated from the rest of Switzerland by Lake Geneva and is flanked by the Alps and the Jura Mountains into two parts and despite the surprisingly small area, Geneva, as population, is the second largest city in Switzerland, after Zurich.


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