Forbidden to see!


In the world there are many secret places or forbidden to be visited, few of the most interesting, strange and frightening places are mentioned below


Ise Grand Shrine  – The most sacred place in Japan

Ise Grand Shrine is the most sacred place in Japan and, supposedly, would be made ​​up of over 100 altars, known as Ise Grand Shrine, dedicated to the Sun Goddess Amaterasu.


The main altar is the most important and dates from the year 4 BC, but every 20 years is demolished and rebuilt, according to Shinto idea of death and rebirth. ”Naiku” and ”Geku”, as the Japanese named them, are built again and again after the original plans of 1000 years ago. At the altar, only the priest and priestess have access with the condition to be part of the Japanese imperial family. Another controversial subject of the monument is the sacred ‘’Yata no Kagami Mirror’’, a symbol of wisdom, which only the elects are allowed to see.


Area 51 – The enigmatically military base in Nevada


Area 51 is among the most desired places to visit. It is a secret military base in Nevada in the western United States. The main purpose of this military base is the development and testing of experimental aircraft and various weapons. Intense secrecy surrounding the base has been the subject of various conspiracy fact that here investigates UFOs. A sign on a placard indicates that will be used deadly forces on those who enter in Area 51.


  Church of St. Mary of Zion – The most important Church in Ethiopia

At St. Mary of Zion is apparently the Ark of the Covenant. Only the guardian monk, see the Ark, considering the hazards described in the Bible for those who are not blessed. The monk is chosen by the monastery and has a duty to stay locked in the chapel for life. According to the History Channel, many of the monks died shortly after being elected, most suffering from cataracts, while they took care of the chapel.


Mount Weather – The secret military base in Washington DC

There is a secret military base, located in the depths of a mountain, near a rural town of Bluemont, Virginia, approximately 74 km from Washington DC.
Mount Weather is actually an underground city. Here are assumed to be streets, cafes and hospitals, their own system of water purification, office buildings, a small lake with fresh water from underground springs and even a television, all controlled by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In the event of a nuclear war, the President, his cabinet and the rest of the Executive Board may move in Mount Weather.


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