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Kenya is an African country that lies on the equator. Its central part consists of a plateau that stretches from the Indian Ocean coast. In the west, the plateau is cut by the East African Great Rift Valley was formed due to tectonic activity, being an active seismic zone, with numerous volcanic massif.


Kenya is a diverse country with many different cultures representative. Important cultures are Swahili on the coast, pastoralist communities in the north, and several communities in central and western regions. Today, the Maasai culture is well known because of continuous exposure of tourism interest, or as a less important tribe.


Kenya’s capital Nairobi is its name from Ewaso Nyirobi mass, which means ‘’fresh waters’’. Most of it is green space, and the city is located at an altitude of 1661 m above sea level and Kenya and Kilimanjaro Mountains are visible on clear days.


In Kenya, the sun spoil yourself all year round and summer clothes are suitable for any month. In January, you can pack for a lazy holiday on the beach in Kenya for a safari or adventurous hearts content.

Amboseli National Park, located 160 km from Nairobi, awaits you with stunning views. From the Observation Hill you will see the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and herds of elephants.

A holiday program in Kenya cannot miss a trip to the wilderness to admire exotic animals, but if you find it too tiring flight you choose a tour during which you will see national parks, habitats, large cities and reservations.
For adrenaline try balloon safari, very popular being National Reserve Masai. At sunset, you’ll get an extravaganza of colors, sounds and sights.


Visa is required and can be obtained at the airport upon arrival. Cost $ 25 and the simple tourist visa is actually a visa with two entries: that you can go to neighboring countries, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, etc. and then you can go back to Kenya without further formalities.


Kenya has an equatorial climate is warm all year round and very pleasant in higher regions, centrally located, with cool evenings in tropical highlands and coast. My recommendation is to travel from mid-December until mid-April to avoid brief periods of tropical rain.


Traditional food of Kenya appears in most menus in restaurants. Veal, chicken, lamb and pork is excellent and the dessert free to enjoy the wide variety of tropical fruits. Trout, lobster and shrimp, you will find usually included seasonal menu. Traditional food consists of two main dishes and ubiquitous: byriani of Indian origin, a kind of pilaf, stew with meat, fish or seafood, rice and spices of all kinds and Nyama Choma, a kind of grilled meat goat & beef.


Everywhere, you could buy souvenirs made ​​of Masai Mara tribe members, wooden elephants, colorful plastic beads strung on thread, not necessarily spectacular, but almost all overpriced, each item must be negotiated in detail.

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