Stockholm’s Subway Underground ART

stockholm _underground

Swedes prove an admirable modesty when they say their metro is among the most beautiful subway concepts from their country, but we guarantee that you will not see in other corner of the world, such an immensity of colors and art, gather all in the same place. Stockholm underground represents a truly elitist art gallery, admired daily by millions of people worldwide. Stockholm Metro is famous for its designed stations and received the name of “the longest art gallery in the world”.

Stockholm Metro has seven lines, divided into three lines identified by colors: green, red and blue. Green Line opened in 1950, in 1964 the Red Bus and Bus Blue in 1975. “Stockholm tunnelbana” has 100 stations in use: 47 underground (carved directly into the rock) and 53 on the surface.

The idea of decorating stations with artwork belonged to the artists Vera Nilsson and Siri Derkert and the first decorated station was T-Centralen in 1957. Over 150 artists have contributed to the paintings, mosaics and sculptures that can be seen today in 90’s of the metro stations in Stockholm. Stockholm Metro stations were designed to be true art museums with impressive frescoes and interactive installations adorning the walls and ceilings inside tunnels.

For the price of a valid metro ticket you can join a guided tour of four or five stations with a Metro expert. If you’re short of time, buy a ticket (valid for one hour from time of stamping) at T-Centralen and take the blue line to see the art at Rådhuset and Fridhemsplan stations.

It seems that even the journey by metro in the capital of Sweden, can be extremely pleasant, attractive, inventive and especially inspiring, even if it only happens here.

Useful tips before visiting Stockholm:


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