Weekend in Venice&Verona

We landed at the airport Sant Angelo Treviso, 30 km from Venice. From here we bought bus tickets to Venice, a ticket costs 5 euros and in about 70 minutes you are in Piazzale Roma in Venice.. All traffic in the city is based on shipping gondolas, boats, and ferry boat. Also taxi is very expensive and does not justify the price. To visit there are many objectives but do not know if worth to see all of them and especially if you have time. Therefore I will mention those which in my opinion are the most important:


Grand Canal is the main avenue of Venice, separating the city into two parts. Grand Canal stretches from Laguna to San Marco. There are special boats for ‘’walking’’ on the Grand Canal route. Is particularly nice walk at night, you know that it is very busy between June and August …


Basilica di San Marco is located in the east of Piazza San Marco, the Basilica was originally built as a resting place of St. Mark and represents the maximum interest in Venice, Pala d’Oro altar partition, numbering over 2,000 precious stones and enamel panels.


Piazza San Marco is the heart of Venice and is one of the most beautiful squares in the world, full of cafes, shops, tourists, and of course birds…many pigeons….Outside the Basilica San Marco you can visit the Campanile, the tallest structure in Venice. Between Piazza San Polo and San Marco, Grand Canal stretches over the Rialto Bridge, a stone bridge with many arches that are now crammed a series of jewellery and souvenir shops. Rialto Bridge is 7.5 mm high and 3-way walk, 2 for tourists and one for traders.


I recommend: to avoid purchasing souvenirs from stalls, traders prices are negotiable and sometimes triple than in stores, so a better option is to go in a store and by what you want.


Avoid eating on San Marco aria, prices are over rated, and also the accommodation in Venice is expensive.


In my opinion Venice is a one day destination, considering all the time seams to be so crowned, especially on the summer, you will enjoy the fresh juice on one of heir’s terraces, and you will walk along the Grand Canal, take photos and enjoy the views. So one day should me more than ok, only if you want to see all the attractions, maybe you will need a couple of days.


I was impressed by the Doge’s Palace, the Golden Scale, Scale Giants and all paintings by Tintoretto, Tizziano and other great artists. Another beautiful spot is Scuola Grande of San Rocoo upstairs everything is covered with paintings, on the walls and wood sculptures are placed along a large room…


OK, let’s recap …Once you are in Piazza San Marco you will find Doges Palace, Bridge of Sighs, the Church of Santa Maria della Salute, the Museum of Modern Art, here there Constantin Brancusi’s sculptures, a Romanian sculpture, the National Library, the famous Murano glass, there are shops everywhere with all kind of souvenirs…

Since we reached Venice don’t miss Verona…is…http://www.tripelonia.com/destination/weekend-in-venice-verona/117


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