Take a walk with Sir Macaque

min_monkeys gibraltar

Gibraltar is located in the south-west of Europe and south of Spain, bordering the Strait of Gibraltar, which links the Mediterranean with the Atlantic Ocean. On one part of the territory of Gibraltar, stands the Rock of Gibraltar with a height of 426 m. Gibraltar is a British overseas territory in the southern Iberian Peninsula. It is the only British overseas territory located in Europe, being an independent territory of the UK.

How to get in Gibraltar?

  • By air, there are regular flights from the UK to Gibraltar. They are operated by British Airways which flies from London Heathrow Airport, easyJet which flies from London Gatwick Airport, and Monarch Airlines which flies from London Luton Airport, Manchester Airport and Birmingham Airport.
  • By road, Gibraltar is accessible via Spain.
  • By both, there is a ferry service from Gibraltar to Morocco.

Useful Info

  • Winston Churchill Avenue is crossing the airport runway. Yeah … basically a part of the city lies on the airport’s runway so Gibraltar has the only airport in the world, where the airport runaway is crossed by the national road.
  • The official language is English but most people speak Spanish and the currency is sterling, so is good to have British currency, also for parking.
  • If you are an EU citizen you can pass in Gibraltar only with your ID, without needing a visa.
  • When you don’t expect you will have a meeting with the…macaques. These monkeys walk throughout the city, eager to steal purses and to be fed. It is recommended not petting them, touch or fed because may have unexpected reactions, even they seem friendly. In the city are placards where is written that it is prohibited feeding the monkeys and the fine is pretty spicy!
  • It is considered a sign of aggression if you show your teeths or you crooked at the monkeys, pretty funny but real.
  • Morocco is only 23km away.
  • Some of the 2014 events: ‘’The Beer Festival’’ is on the 29th of August and ‘’Calentita’’ Night is on 21th June 2014.
  • You can get married in Gibraltar, more precisely on Gibraltar Rock. In fact this is already well known…thousands of tourists come to see the view and finally marry.
  • The official currency of Gibraltar is the Gibraltar pound (GIP)
  • Most accept U.S. dollars and Euros
  • Eat at: The Edinburgh Arms – The most southerly pub in Europe

Gibraltar is a destination for a day or two. It is a colorful town, crowded with many caves and much many Berbers macaque monkeys without tails, reddish brown and originating from Morocco and Algeria. It is a landscape quite unusual: we have an airport which crosses the city, monkeys as the eye can see, many shops and stalls, caves, sea and a rock that thrones impetuously.

What is worth to visit?

  • Grand Casemates Gates is the gateway to the city, full of restaurants, shops, bars…
  • Europe Point is the southernmost peninsula point, where you can see the Morocco territory. Here is also a headlamp and the oldest chapel of the Virgin in Europe.
  • Upper Rock Nature Reserve, constituted by Gibraltar rock itself, lies at a height of 426 meters above sea level. From here you can admire the Strait of Gibraltar and the Rif Mountains of North Africa and if you look to the east you can see the Mediterranean Sea and in the northern Sierra Nevada land…more worlds in one look … 2 continents, 3 countries and the meeting point of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean…fabulous!…more on:  http://www.tripelonia.com/headline/take-a-walk-with-sir-macaque/94

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