Phuket, a piece of heaven in Thailand


Thailand is a paradise of dreamy landscapes, a plenty of mountains with abundant marvelous flora and fauna that make a great view through the eyes of every traveler who comes here. People are extremely hospitable, smiling all the time and they give you the impression they would do anything so you fell entirely happy on this island. Thailand is you number one choice, especially spending some relaxing days enjoying the beaches and the warmth sun of Phuket, and all its water sports. All the tranquility that flows during the day, suddenly change is and the Patong area seems like Ibiza, where are hectic and active nights. Music, parties, bars, a lot of flashing lights, enjoys tourists. You can make a trip in Phuket Town especially for local restaurants but also for body massage, the best in the whole island. The most popular area beaches are Patong, Karon and Kata. Phuket Old Town is a base from which you can start to explore the rain forests and rubber plantations, cocoa, pineapple and coconut.

Phuket Old Town is the home to quaint cafes and coffee shops, clothes boutiques and some adorable restaurants, guesthouses and local bars. You will discover the fascination of the Sino-Portuguese architecture and Chinese shop houses, which are still to this day operating as traditional textiles, gold and printing businesses.

West coast of the island along the beaches of Patong, Karon and Kamm has hotels of all categories of tourists, from luxurious 5-star hotel complexes to simply motels. You can laze in the sun while you moisturize with coconut juice, you can take kayak rides through the caves at the base of Limestone Mountains and you can go diving with turtles and the multi colorful fishes.

Phuket offers a wide range of activities, and the best option is traveling with your own guided tour. You can go to see three lovely waterfalls on the island. They are in different locations in the district Kathu Kathu, here is the waterfall and if you are coming from Patong beach, you will find skiing and go-kart track.

The natural beauty of the island is due to the picturesque villages, coconut plantations and rubber trees and for its variety of wildflowers that grow along the forested mountains. Near the island’s coral reefs are full of life. East Coast is made up mostly of rocks and mangrove wetlands. The link between the island and the land is via a bridge and island culture is slightly different, a fusion of Chinese and Portuguese influences, combined with traditions…more on



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