When you hear Las Vegas, the name sounds luxurious, opulent, gambling and famous for its quick weddings. In Las Vegas you can visit virtually the entire world, because developers have rebuilt the city attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the pyramids, or other small elements.

You will land on the Airfield McCarran International Airport and then you will reach the city via taxi, around 20/25 dollars or using the bus for just $ 2.

Transport in the city is varied and affordable. You can opt for the suspended subway Monorail, a whole day journey costs around $ 15, so you can see the whole city because has many stops. If you want a faster alternative, you can use CAT buses, $ 2 one ticket or taxi, quite convenient too.

           Guideline – The main attractions/Shopping/Avoiding/Eating

·         Bellagio Casino – the most elegant casino with the largest chocolate fountain in the world

·         Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

·         Hotel Caesar Palace – is a huge hotel with a miniature reproduction of       Rome

·         Mandalay Bay Resort – you will see sharks habitat through a special insight, being famous for its Shark Reef and Shark Tunnel

·         The Strip – is the main street in Las Vegas where there are hundreds of stores

·         The Venetian Hotel – which represents the Venice, made to the smallest details; the materials used being of the highest quality.

·         Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

·         Hotel Paris – the main attraction of the city: The Eiffel Tower

·         The fascinating shows from Cirque du Soleil

·         Erotic Heritage Museum – it is dedicated to the sexual revolution of the 60’s.

·         MGM Hotel – the most ultra modern hotel, it has 5044 rooms, decorated by the highest standard and also is the habitat of lions which lies on two floors

·         Circus Circus Las Vegas Hotel – with a circus hall full of restaurants and bars

·         Erupting volcano at the Mirage Casino – every night it’s an amazing show of lights

·         Stratosphere Tower – where you can admire the entire city and its surroundings, far away, where the road winds through the mountains

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