Heraklion – history & beauty

ImageHeraklion is the capital of the island of Crete in Greece and is the largest city of the island. In ancient times it was called Candia. Heraklion is connected with the rest of Crete by regular bus lines.

Some of the main attractions in Heraklion are:

  • Museum of Archaeology is situated in one of the corners of the Eleftherias Square and here you will find many artifacts found in archaeological sites of Crete, housing important collections, containing objects from the era Minoan, Neolithic and Roman period.
    History Museum that houses numerous objects from the Byzantine and medieval era
  • Venetian Loggia represents the Venice’s most elegant monument in Heraklion and also here there is a very good restaurant
    Morosini Fountain – located in Lions Square
  • Municipal Gallery and Basilica St. Markos, located opposite the Lions Market
    Fortress Koules represents a true monument of art in Venetian style .
    Natural History Museum it is located about 20 minutes from downtown on the way to the palace of Knossos.
  • ” Cretaquarium ” or ” Thalassocosmos ” it covers an area of ​​5000 m2 and hosts the Institute of Marine Biology and Genetics and the Institute of Oceanography .
  • Knossos Palace it is representative of the Minoan civilization, named after the famous King Minos and is the main reason for tourist to visit Crete – Minotaur fame –
  • Street 25 August it’s a true monument of Cretan civilization and one of the landmarks of the street is the church of Agios Titos, Byzantine monument , rebuilt in the sixteenth century by the Venetians and the Turks invaded and they have turned it into a mosque.
  • Church of Agia Ekaterini Sinaites currently converted into a museum of theology , the building houses several icons of rare beauty …more on: http://www.tripelonia.com/destination/heraklion-history-beauty/116

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