Colmar, a dreaming place in France


Located in the plain of Alsace, in eastern France, near Germany and Switzerland, nestled in the foothills of the Vosges, between Strasbourg and Mulhuse is Colmar city – capital of Alsatian wines and sculptor Auguste Bartholdi’s birthplace. Zurich is the most convenient with regular trains to Colmar, although it will involve changing trains, this is simple. Stuttgart and Frankfurt involve quite long but relaxing train journey. Considered the most beautiful city in Europe, picturesque Colmar looks like just came out of a storybook. This small city of Alsace is famous not only for its multicolored old town but also because it is the Alsatian wine capital. The city has sunny microclimate but also the title of the second driest place in France, making it ideal for viticulture.

You can discover the beauty of the city with the little white train “Le petit train Blanc” in a pleasant circuit for about 40 minutes. In front of the Municipal Library is the train station and the ticket is 6 Euros / adult and 4 Euros/children. Colmar is called the Little Venice, in French ‘’La Petite Venise’’ with picturesque landscape, colorful houses with wooden shutters and windows garnished with flowers, preserving the old nostalgic atmosphere. In Colmar you can visit 4 museums: Museum Unterlinden, Museum Bartholdi, Museum of Natural History and Ethnography and Museum ofToys and Trains. The last one is pretty interesting. Colmar is a city rich in history, traditions, with charming streets, monuments, canals and houses adorned with flowers. Certainly is a destination and an experience worth living. Colmar.


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