Being Home For Christmas?

Being home for Christmas can be an excellent choice for some and less pleasant for others. Some go abroad to reunite with their families, while others can’t stay with their families, because for any reasons, they are unable to travel during Christmas. In the opposite plan, are people who can travel during the holiday season, but rather prefer a Christmas holiday away from home. Anyway, let’s remember that Christmas has a deeper meaning than rustle around, tourism offers, discounts or the media templates present everywhere. Nothing compares with the winter holidays spent in the arms of your family.


Being with your family is the ideal moment to recharge your batteries!

Lose yourself in the smell of cookies coming from your mother’s kitchen, pretend you like your father’s jokes and stay lazy listening to carols. If you go to visit your children, try to relax and be amazed by the new achievements of your children, without being so harsh on your son’s wife! :-) Leave aside any trace of antipathy and do so as to reach a common ground with your family members, making this event a cause for joy, not stress! Even if you are a guest or host, do not panic too much with preparations for home or outfit, because often is no need that everything to be shiny, but rather original and …………………………………………………………………

20 Tips For Traveling Almost For Free

Traveling across the world, may be less expensive than you imagined. You can see incredibly beautiful places, you can meet interesting people, you can experience the unimaginable or you can learn new foreign languages, discovering many exciting cultures, and all of that, using less money.


To do this, you must prepare the trip, itinerary and accommodations, and to arrange the way to have money and food during the trip. For a longer adventure, you should start the preparations at least 6 months in advance.

In the following, we will present 20 ways, hopefully useful, to prove you, how with a little luck and a skillful mind, you can see the world, if not totally free, at least with less money invested.

No.1 – Create your own free blog

Nothing is nicer than having your personal blog, in which you describe your future travel adventures, which are your skills and hobbies, or what you know exactly to do, so you could get money, food, and accommodation during the trip. You will not believe how many people are interested in what you write or for example, maybe a hotel or ………………………………………………

Discover Dubai! Travel Hints, Tips and more!

The capital of the Dubai’s Emirates, one of the seven parts of the States of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai combines Islamic culture and tradition with the most luxurious restaurants, opulent hotels and the most important brands.


It is well know that Dubai is not a destination for anyone. Many consider its opulence too sophisticated and untouchable, while others wouldn’t even put it on the must visit list, for the fact that they are more or less conservative.

Reach out to Dubai; you don’t have to be in possession of a colossal fortune. There are flights from most expensive to most affordable, including a new flight from a low-cost airline, but not landing on the main Dubai’s airport.

It is well known that Dubai International Airport is the largest airport in the world. So you can imagine the amount of people and planes, which circulates every day, as well as ………………………


40 Essential Tips for Backpackers

Backpacking can be downright challenging, but above all, the most important is how you organize your backpack.

If you’re a backpacker and decide to roam the world, here are some useful tips for your next adventure!


1. Choose carefully your backpack, depending on the number of days that you will spend traveling. For a few nights (4-5 nights), the common measure is 70 litters and for a much longer journey, choose more than 75 litters.

2. Pack as tightly as possible, so all things to be arranged well and not take up much space.

3. Use a compression pack to reduce the volume of clothes.

4. Secure your backpack with two small combination locks.

5. Pack a medical kit for basic needs, including medicines for …………………………………….


40 Essential Tips for Traveling with Children

When you plan to travel with your children, make sure to consider all the necessary measures to give your kid a safe and successful stay. By following some of the tips below, you will be able to have part of a wonderful holiday without having problems, neither you nor the children.

1. Try NOT to put yourself first. Your preferences can be totally different from your child’s needs and a vacation should be at least 50% if not entirely, adapted to the type of activities preferred by your kids.


2. Determine your child to wish the journey, tells him about the beautiful places he could see there and the advantage of knowing new playmates. In case is greater as age, involve him in planning the itinerary, so he will be aware and proud that he took part in important decisions related to the trip.

3. Choose a relaxing destination, such as a secluded beach, a camping, a spa or places like those. Avoid the overcrowded places usually full of……………………

Top 40 Travel Safety Tips

A successful holiday is not just about the place where you’ll hang out, but also is linked to some travel rules or steps that you should take, especially to avoid any risk.


For that, we made ​​the top most important safety tips that ensure your holiday safely, as long as you keep them in mind.

1. When planning your holiday in a country located in areas of civil and armed conflicts or with restrictive laws, inform yourself and take into account the warnings provided by the embassy of the respective country. Periodically visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2. It’s good to have the contact number of your embassy. In case your country has no embassy, you can ask for help from the British Embassy or the United States Embassy.

3. Travel insurance is of great importance, because it will be useful in case of……………………………….



Best Things To Do in INDIA

12647812625458a9075726bIndia is a country of great contrasts, where history

and tradition blends perfectly, where the terrible poverty is linked to the opulence of luxury, where the colors and flavors seem drawn from the same template. From the highest mountains to the vast plains and the most fertile and rich regions, to the most arid deserts in the world, India includes all climates and landforms.

India is known as the ‘land of 1001 spices’. The specific feature of Indian food is the use of many exotic spices: saffron, cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, thyme or chilli.
Regarding culinary preferences, we can talk about two areas: North India and South India; whether in the North, the emphasis is on spices, meals containing a lot of meat in the South, there are many vegetarians and rice is very popular and appreciated, being always eaten by hand.

Regarding drinks, the meal is consumed generally with water or fruit juices. If you want something alcoholic, a rose wine is most recommended; at the end of the meal, you can opt for a cup of tea or coffee accompanied by plants that aids digestion. Remember that you should consume bottled water, sealed properly!

       Did you know…?

- The cow is a sacred animal in India, the living symbol of ………………………….

Things we don’t take into consideration when we go in a trip, although they are essential.

Friends, today I thought and I gathered some things that we don’t take into consideration when we go in a trip, although they are essential. So here they are!

All of us who travel often have the need to control their own journey, for reasons of personal safety or comfort or desire to carry things better. But unfortunately, often the events do not unfold in the way that we wanted, often gaining another turn. Thinking at my own initiatives leading to the smallest detail a journey and influencing the route, but also seeing at my friends all the mistakes they make when planning a trip, I decided to make a list of the most frequent misconceptions, mistakes and related plans that deliberately or not, we do when we plan a trip.

1. We put a lot of unnecessary stuff in bag and forget the essential things. Try not to put in your luggage unnecessary things like accessories, too many clothes, and many kinds of body creams, perfumes and other stuff. However, always remember that in a journey of several days, it should not reduce on how trendy you’re dressed or how much perfume you sprayed on your skin. Also, no need to pull a heavy and uncomfortable luggage, feeling it like a huge stone that will give you back pain, preventing you from enjoying the way from airport to hotel and vice-versa,  discovering the way to your destination where you wanted so much to go.

2. We pay too much attention to the outfits, and omit the comfort. Instead of worrying about the number of outfits worn every day, give shoes a special interest. Shoes should be comfortable, with low soles, because wearing heals will most likely make you weep of blisters or corns, that will definitely cut your desire to walk. If you really want to get better in pictures, you can throw in luggage, some heels for a night at the restaurant or a short walk.

3. Sometimes we leave the money on the card and have few cash. Try to have cash on you; do not let all the money on the card. Often, for known or unknown reasons, some institutions, shops, restaurants, does not accept the type of card that you have, or simply does not work, even if it is mentioned in their list of acceptance. Or maybe you will not find an ATM in time and when you need it and that can be downright stressful.

4. We change money without….

Planning Your Trip to New Zeeland – Part 1



New Zeeland has been blessed with pure beauty and the brilliant complexity of  the landscapes, often contrasting, are the delight of an unforgettable trip, so if you have the chance to visit the great islands of the South Pacific, definitely have to take advantage of it!

New Zealand is one of the archipelagos separated by stretches of the Pacific Ocean, which make up Oceania, being separated from Australia to the northwest of the Tasman Sea. New Zealand is considered the farthest destination, the closest neighbors being New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga. Islands of New Zealand are part of the so-called ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ that includes many active volcanoes, in New Zealand earthquakes frequently occurring.

Due to the fog surrounding the high volcanoes and snow capped peaks, the first Maori who reached New Zealand, called her ‘Aotearoa’ meaning ‘the country of the long white cloud’. Fascinating is that in the same country there are two populations, as almost 15% of 4, 2 million people, are of Maori origin, and the remaining 80% of European origin, making New Zealand a strange juxtaposition, but also an incredible fascinating place.

Its magnificent scenery attracts annually millions of tourists from around the world. Forests and beaches, deserts, volcanoes and mountain peaks, all forms a picture drawn from paradise.

To get here you should know that …

Travelling to Thassos Island – Review of the day


Kavala is one of the largest cities in northern Greece and the bridge to The Green Island of Greece – Thassos Island. Whereof, if in one of the days spent in Kavala, you decide to make a day trip, what could be more beautiful than Thassos Island, where is the turquoise sea, olive trees, oleanders, palms, hills full of herbs, making the picture to be complete.

Thassos, lately occupied a good position in the ranking of lovers of beauty, crystal turquoise water, mountains that seem to be thrown into the sea and why not, the affordable prices at accommodation, compared to other destinations.

The distance from Kavala to Thassos is longer, compared to route departing from Keramoti and the trip takes about 75 minutes, depends on what type of ferry you’ll take and what time you choose, because you can do less than 75 minutes, maybe half of this time. Minutes pass quickly, as you’ll be busy all the way to feed the seagulls, which are making the route Kavala – Thassos and vice versa. So be prepared with some bread or bagels, and a photo/video camera, because seagulls are eager to take the food from your hands and to posed, for the most beautiful snapshots.

The price of the ferry varies according to the port of arrival and also by the type of ferry. How we got in a hurry, we took the ferry which was leaving, belonging to ”Thassos Ferries Company”, and the trip has cost around € 4.60 / person/one direction only. If you are by car, you can take her too, for a fee of EUR 20/30 depending on season. The program of departures in high season, in summer, starts at 9:00 am until 8:00 pm. PS: Shipping companies change their schedule, so the safest is to go directly to the port and see clearly the program.

The advantage of going to the island by car, is because Thassos is one of the few Greek Islands that has a road, surrounding it and during your driving you’ll cross near the sea, you will pass through several picturesque villages and island’s beaches. The trip lasts approximately 3 hours.

The ferry will let you in…