Things we don’t take into consideration when we go in a trip, although they are essential.

Friends, today I thought and I gathered some things that we don’t take into consideration when we go in a trip, although they are essential. So here they are!

All of us who travel often have the need to control their own journey, for reasons of personal safety or comfort or desire to carry things better. But unfortunately, often the events do not unfold in the way that we wanted, often gaining another turn. Thinking at my own initiatives leading to the smallest detail a journey and influencing the route, but also seeing at my friends all the mistakes they make when planning a trip, I decided to make a list of the most frequent misconceptions, mistakes and related plans that deliberately or not, we do when we plan a trip.

1. We put a lot of unnecessary stuff in bag and forget the essential things. Try not to put in your luggage unnecessary things like accessories, too many clothes, and many kinds of body creams, perfumes and other stuff. However, always remember that in a journey of several days, it should not reduce on how trendy you’re dressed or how much perfume you sprayed on your skin. Also, no need to pull a heavy and uncomfortable luggage, feeling it like a huge stone that will give you back pain, preventing you from enjoying the way from airport to hotel and vice-versa,  discovering the way to your destination where you wanted so much to go.

2. We pay too much attention to the outfits, and omit the comfort. Instead of worrying about the number of outfits worn every day, give shoes a special interest. Shoes should be comfortable, with low soles, because wearing heals will most likely make you weep of blisters or corns, that will definitely cut your desire to walk. If you really want to get better in pictures, you can throw in luggage, some heels for a night at the restaurant or a short walk.

3. Sometimes we leave the money on the card and have few cash. Try to have cash on you; do not let all the money on the card. Often, for known or unknown reasons, some institutions, shops, restaurants, does not accept the type of card that you have, or simply does not work, even if it is mentioned in their list of acceptance. Or maybe you will not find an ATM in time and when you need it and that can be downright stressful.

4. We change money without….

Planning Your Trip to New Zeeland – Part 1



New Zeeland has been blessed with pure beauty and the brilliant complexity of  the landscapes, often contrasting, are the delight of an unforgettable trip, so if you have the chance to visit the great islands of the South Pacific, definitely have to take advantage of it!

New Zealand is one of the archipelagos separated by stretches of the Pacific Ocean, which make up Oceania, being separated from Australia to the northwest of the Tasman Sea. New Zealand is considered the farthest destination, the closest neighbors being New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga. Islands of New Zealand are part of the so-called ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ that includes many active volcanoes, in New Zealand earthquakes frequently occurring.

Due to the fog surrounding the high volcanoes and snow capped peaks, the first Maori who reached New Zealand, called her ‘Aotearoa’ meaning ‘the country of the long white cloud’. Fascinating is that in the same country there are two populations, as almost 15% of 4, 2 million people, are of Maori origin, and the remaining 80% of European origin, making New Zealand a strange juxtaposition, but also an incredible fascinating place.

Its magnificent scenery attracts annually millions of tourists from around the world. Forests and beaches, deserts, volcanoes and mountain peaks, all forms a picture drawn from paradise.

To get here you should know that …

Travelling to Thassos Island – Review of the day


Kavala is one of the largest cities in northern Greece and the bridge to The Green Island of Greece – Thassos Island. Whereof, if in one of the days spent in Kavala, you decide to make a day trip, what could be more beautiful than Thassos Island, where is the turquoise sea, olive trees, oleanders, palms, hills full of herbs, making the picture to be complete.

Thassos, lately occupied a good position in the ranking of lovers of beauty, crystal turquoise water, mountains that seem to be thrown into the sea and why not, the affordable prices at accommodation, compared to other destinations.

The distance from Kavala to Thassos is longer, compared to route departing from Keramoti and the trip takes about 75 minutes, depends on what type of ferry you’ll take and what time you choose, because you can do less than 75 minutes, maybe half of this time. Minutes pass quickly, as you’ll be busy all the way to feed the seagulls, which are making the route Kavala – Thassos and vice versa. So be prepared with some bread or bagels, and a photo/video camera, because seagulls are eager to take the food from your hands and to posed, for the most beautiful snapshots.

The price of the ferry varies according to the port of arrival and also by the type of ferry. How we got in a hurry, we took the ferry which was leaving, belonging to ”Thassos Ferries Company”, and the trip has cost around € 4.60 / person/one direction only. If you are by car, you can take her too, for a fee of EUR 20/30 depending on season. The program of departures in high season, in summer, starts at 9:00 am until 8:00 pm. PS: Shipping companies change their schedule, so the safest is to go directly to the port and see clearly the program.

The advantage of going to the island by car, is because Thassos is one of the few Greek Islands that has a road, surrounding it and during your driving you’ll cross near the sea, you will pass through several picturesque villages and island’s beaches. The trip lasts approximately 3 hours.

The ferry will let you in…

Visiting Greece: Kavala – Part 1


Kavala is the kind of city that apparently does not promise much, neither turquoise sea and white smooth sand, specific other Greek islands … but that’s why it’s more than a pleasant surprise. As I traveled and saw along my travels, I haven’t met so far, a prettier and welcoming city, so beautiful in its simplicity.

First hug with the city takes place before you get downtown, considering that Kavala is located on a hill, so the above it is seen magnificent: the little white houses, hostels and charming restaurants and terraces, which are situated along the cliff, surrounded by palms trees, where the Aegean sea undulates its waves and the boats and ferries are floating to Thassos Island, which is seen discreetly away.

Kavala, called by the Greeks – ‘Lady of Macedonia’, or ‘Little Monte Carlo’, is one of the most beautiful Greek cities, perhaps the most! One reason is because the city is built in amphitheater shape on a hill, and stretches from the harbor and up the slopes of Mount Symvolo, so that the whole city has sea views, including the restaurants and bars, which gives it a special charm, built on the site of the ancient city of Neopolis, today being the second largest city in northern Greece. Situated in Macedonia region, Kavala is the main seaport of the region, and capital of Kavala prefecture, located in the Gulf of Kavala, being an important point and destination to / from the island of Thassos, but also has sea connections with all North Aegean islands, like Limmat, Lesvos, or Samothraki.

The importance and significance of Kavala city is millennial. The Apostle Paul made ​​a…

Croatia – Paklenica National Park

Paklenica National Park was established in 1949 and includes a section of the Velebit Mountains, the park occupying approximately 95 square miles. Much of the area is covered by one of the largest forests on the Adriatic coast but also 37 caves, the most famous being the Manita Pec, 170 meters long and 39 karsts springs.
Name of the park is probably due to the black pines (paklina) that grows in the mountains of the area. Locals used to cut down trees to build houses and boats or to make traditional medicine.

Paklenica National Park hosts over 1,000 species of plants and flowers and the lakes are rare. National Park eastern mountain slopes are covered with mixed forests, the pine forests of Panklenica Mountains being one of the largest black pine forests in southern Europe. Extraordinary is that mountains are home to over 84 species of multicolored butterflies, including the peacock-butterfly, which is the largest butterfly in Europe.

Many caves in the National Park Paklenica are truly a paradise for speleologists, including some rich stalactite formations such as the one of cave Manita Pec, but also monumental objects, such as the ones found in cave Crljrna Kuk and Lucinka.
Velika Paklenica Canyon and the seasonal watercourse that crosses it, is the most spectacular and popular attractions of the park. The walls of the canyon are approximately 700 feet above the rocky platform. In the area near the entrance of the canyon there are some old military bunkers, where Yugoslavs communicated through a network of underground tunnels. The fortifications were open to the public and are one of the tourist attractions of the region.

Velebit mountain range, with a length of about 145 km, is a mountain range which belongs to Dinaric Alps and extends along the Adriatic coast. The mountains are home to one of the deepest caves in Europe – Lukina Cave, measuring 1,421 m depth.
Northern Velebit National Park is famous for its scenery and virgin and dense forests which are home to many bears, while the National Park Risnjak includes limestone rock formations and forests of beech, spruce and fir, as a refuge for lynx. One of the most visited and beautiful lakes are the Plitvice Lakes, otherwise known as the most beautiful national park in Croatia.

Between the park borders there are 16 picturesque lakes connected by waterfalls and deep canyons, the scenery being lovely.
Velika Paklenica Canyon and the network of bunkers near the entry are the most popular tourist attractions in the reserve. Visitors can take a tour of the Manita Pec cave or climbing the peak Anica Kuk. Mala Paklenica canyon is more difficult to access and to explore nearby, requires experience.

Paklenica National Park protects the natural and cultural heritage of the Velebit Mountains – a mountain range on the sea coast of the Dinaric Alps, waiting for the tourists to discover its beauties and mysteries.

Weeki Wachee – The city of mermaids

Weeki Wachee is a theater in Florida, the only city in the world of mermaids, built in a natural spring that allows the public to travel in a world of underwater without coming into contact with water. Spread over an area of ​​over two square kilometers and having a natural spring water source, this city is home of mermaids, being “half woman, half fish”, that give the most exciting performances in swimming and dancing in the underwater theatres.

Weeki Wachee mermaids are so precious, that’s why local authorities protect them, considering them a symbol of the state of Florida. Since 1947, the visitors watched the underwater ballet performances and had the chance to get pictures of a mermaid, fact which made ​​thousands of children and adults so happy.
Weeki Wachee or the city of mermaids is a special attraction for tourists from around the world. Elvis Presley himself, visited Weeki Wachee city in 1960, which is basically a theater, built in a natural spring where underwater performances give the place a special magic. Currently, Weeki Wachee population means only four people, being the small city in the United States, which is run by a siren mayor.
This aquatic world and these live sirens, which will undulate and will dance in total harmony, you can see all of them at the price of $ 13.00 Adult, $ 8.00, Child (Ages 6-12) and Children of 5 years and under have free access.

Things to know before visiting Morocco


Useful information about Morocco

- The official currency is the dirham and the official language is Arabic.
– Best time to visit Morocco is between April and early June or between September and November, when the weather is warm and dry.
– It’s good to know French when you go to Morocco, because might be more useful than – English. It would be ok to have a polyglot guide, somewhere in your luggage, never know when you’ll need it.
– Morocco is the world’s largest exporter of hashish and in the north there are many plantations of marijuana, so avoid this area as much as possible!
– Be aware that Morocco is a country where criminality is high, so inform before you go, on specialized websites and see if there are any travel alerts.
– Drink only bottled water because the tap water is not potable!
– Spain is only 13 km away from Morocco, being separated by the Strait of Gibraltar linking the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.
– Try peppermint tea, which is called also the ‘Moroccan Whisky’, although it does not contain a drop of alcohol.
– The most consumed dish is ‘tajide’, a mix of meat, potatoes and vegetables.
– If you’re coming from Europe, the power converter is the same, so you will not need one, but if you’re coming from England or the USA, you do. Note that here can be 2 types of 4mm and 5mm plugs, and some of the newer sockets use a grounding (third) pin.
– Bring toilet paper with you, if you don’t want to pay, because in any restaurant you must pay the toilet paper.
– In Morocco, there is no law against smoking, for which, wherever you go, at restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and so on, you’ll always smell of cigarettes.

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Sardinia Attractions and Sightseeing


Sardinia is probably one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, with its beautiful scenery and turquoise water that resemble the Caribbean, annually attracting a lot of tourists from around the world, including celebrities.

Sardinia is a region in Italy, an island in fact, with its capital, Cagliari, which was Sardinia’s capital since the Roman period, with a beautiful old town, a number of historical monuments and easy access to nearby beaches and lagoons populated with hundreds of flamingos. The region is subdivided into four provinces: Cagliari, Sassari, Nuoro and Oristano.

Sardinia was called “Ichnusa” by the Phoenicians and “Sandalyon” by Greeks, because of its foot shape. The landscape is beautiful and varied with many hills and mountains in the north, in the southern predominantly being plains. The climate is mainly Mediterranean, with a hot summer and a mild winter. In summer temperatures reach up to 35 degrees and in the winter does not fall below 15 degrees. The best time for vacation is between June and September.

Sardinia is a destination where probably half a year if you stay, you’ll still discover new places very beautiful and attractive. The main attractions of the island include: pink sand beach of Porto Ferro, typical Sardinian town of Nuoro, Oristano, with Tharros Phoenician ruins, Temple of the Goddess of Fortune in Porto Torres, Cagliari’s largest city, where is the archaeological museum , and Nuraghic Fortress , located about 60 km north of Cagliari.

Among the most beautiful beaches, are the…

Low budget holiday on the Côte d’Azur

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To spend a holiday on the Cote d’Azur, you already think that you have to leave thousands of Euros, in some lush resorts where everything is expensive and even water is a luxury. Well, it is a totally wrong idea! You can visit the Cote d’Azur and without being the owner of thousands of dollars, but the will and a few tens of Euros, might motivate you to feel the aristocratic air.

Well, I suggest starting your trip from Nice, because here you land or you’ll get by car. There are various accommodation possibilities, clearly does not compare to Monte Carlo, where you need to have much money for accommodation… and if you really want to do a good job, choose to stay in an apartment, where is true that you will not enjoy a sumptuous breakfast, but will leave less money than you leave at the hotel.

Okay, so once arrived in Nice, you must know that the airport is close to town, and if you take the bus 23 in front of the airport, will give only 1, 50 Euros for one way trip. However, if you are more convenient, you can also choose the express line, 98 or 99, for 6 euro, and you get 10 or 15 minutes early, so no big deal really!

Don’t rush to get your one transport ticket, those costs 1, 50 euro and it’s a big lost. More ok is to pay 5 Euros for 1 day ticket so you can have a ride whenever you want. Anyway, Nice is a small and beautiful city, so you can discover the major important attractions in maximum 1 hour making a relaxing walk. Buy your 1 day ticket right from the airport, so you ‘l start save the money.

If you want to…

Explore India – Varanasi’s Divine Light


Varanasi is located in India, about 1 hour flight from New Delhi, representing one of the oldest settlements in history and shows mostly, just like in the times in which it was founded, about 3500 years ago. The city is located right at the confluence of Varuna and Asi that flows into the Ganges or ‘Ganga’, as Indians call it, having the belief that it brings their immortality.

Varanasi is one of the seven Holy Cities of the Hindus, the most holy place on earth where every Hindu should reach at least once in life. Also, Varanasi is a center of the silk industry of very high quality, being globally recognized as having the finest fabrics, as it is an art carefully cultivated for thousands of years. The weavers of Varanasi are the ones who created ‘Benares brocade’, a very seductive silk, embroidered with gold and silver, which you can admire or buy from the bazaar Thatheri.

Hindus called Varanasi, Kashi (City of Divine Light) or Kashika (The one who shines), both being related with Shiva’s sacred fire. Shiva is the God of destruction, a sort of God in Hindu religion. Although this represents destruction, he is considered by Hindus as a positive force in the universe, because the destruction is, in Hinduism, the natural consequence of creation.

Shiva is adored in temples by …